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Staycation (13.14)

A couple of “Vacation” pics from last week * Staycation (13.14) We just got back from our second visit with the grandkids in Oklahoma. I think that is all the vacation we will get this summer. We are staying home, but we will be having visitors. The Oklahoma crew is coming east near the endContinue reading “Staycation (13.14)”


(12.14) Closest thing to heaven The aroma of our love Ripped asunder * A quickie this week Marvin – heading off for another grandson visit I’ll go with the double David vote Accidental Tourist, Smoke on the Water, Room with a View, Water Front Property, Misty Mountain, Foggy, Across the Sea, Sunrise, Peaceful, Sirens Call

Sally Said (11.14)

Sally Said (11.14) We had been playing bridge at Blondie’s; Sally and I versus Willie-Mat and Blondie. I was conservative but very good at looking at all the possibilities and reading the cards, while Sally was clearly the most aggressive player. The balance worked for us and we had won easily. We weren’t partners oftenContinue reading “Sally Said (11.14)”

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