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Broken (52.13)

Broken (52.13) * Master emotion Melt down smiling all the while Write the saddest lines * Pretending life just goes on Because life does keep going Guesses Marvin: Accidental Tourist, Weird Science, Mad Scientist, Blinded Me with Science, Scientific America, Hair Raising, Einstein, Dr. Jekyll, Better Living through Chemistry, My Chemical Romance

Herbal Cooking

Herbal Cooking (51.13) *When I finished grad school I moved to New Jersey. I caught a gig at the McCarter Center in Princeton. It was a 40 week contract, which was a lot of security, but it wasn’t designing lights; I was the ATD (assistant technical director). The McCarter is a grand old theatre onContinue reading “Herbal Cooking”

Dancing in the Moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight (49.13) Let’s make some memories for tomorrow tonightNothing could be better than hearing your sighsJust the two of us alone together feels so rightI see the vixen within you shinning in your eyes Nothing could be better than hearing your sighsDancing in moonlight while rolling on the floorI see the vixenContinue reading “Dancing in the Moonlight”

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