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Black Haired Dancer Reprise

Great Eyes, Grey Skies Their wordsYour earsTrouble for me Lips and your handsMore than I can standCommunicate without your body, please Strain on my brainStill feel the sameWhat do I see Great eyesGrey skiesNever going to be free Black haired dancerGreat romancerCan’t go all the way Zen in the sunTwo less than oneThere’s nothing toContinue reading “Black Haired Dancer Reprise”

Getting Lucky

Stupid. Lucky. The two words I believe most completely summarize my life. I got through most (definitely not all) of the stupid by the end of the 70’s. I’m still getting lucky. I had my post-op visit today. I got the stitches out and great lab results. They seem very certain that got 100% ofContinue reading “Getting Lucky”

Staycation (13.14)

A couple of “Vacation” pics from last week * Staycation (13.14) We just got back from our second visit with the grandkids in Oklahoma. I think that is all the vacation we will get this summer. We are staying home, but we will be having visitors. The Oklahoma crew is coming east near the endContinue reading “Staycation (13.14)”

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